Our Story

We are travel freaks. Big time!

And we are passionate about capturing those travel stories visually. Whether it’s leisure or business travel – and there’s a lot of both – our camera goes with us. A first visit to a location or the tenth, we shoot with the same fervor. Because surroundings, occasions, seasons, light, context, access and people, they all change. This leads to new experiences and stories, which are sometimes easy to find, often times not. If this sounds familiar, then Loculars is for you.

Why Loculars?

It is not very difficult for a travel and photography enthusiast to do a quick internet search and come up with locations to visit and photograph. Often times, this is a checklist of the “top 10” sights. When we thought about our most memorable travel experiences, we realized they happened when we stepped out of the known tourist paths, connected with locals in far-off lands, or ventured into a location most visitors wouldn’t know of. But how do you find these unique or lesser-known experiences, that benefit from local insight? How do you find interesting travel stories systematically, in all or most of the places you’d think of going to?

So what is Loculars?

A marketplace for unique and locally relevant experiences for the visually (photographically) inclined. Loculars was created to connect travelers and photography enthusiasts with established local photographers who offer inimitable, curated experiences. Because local photographers have access, context and insight to these stories in a way that others don’t. They help you see a place in a way that you might not have.

As a photo enthusiast, you get to shoot side-by-side with these photographers, in your own private group, on your schedule, at your chosen destinations. Uncover a lesser known story, expand your portfolio, make a new friend with a professional – likely a leading street, documentary or travel photographer. That’s really what Loculars is all about – Seeing with new lenses. Meeting new people. Expanding your horizons.