An intimate look at professional tango dancers


Offered by: Bernardo Galmarini (Widely-published in multiple journals, including National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Condé Nast)

Starting at $300/person

up to 3 people

approx. 3 hours

Fashion photography

Do you want to get an intimate shooting experience with professional tango dancers?

Tango is more than a dance form, it is a lifestyle. There are rules, forms, codes, politics, and drama. For the uninitiated, the difference between the dancers at touristy La Boca and classically trained “Bailarins” is hard to discern. This experience gets you one-on-one shooting time with professional tango dancers who have performed internationally. Through Bernardo’s extensive contacts in the professional tango community, you get to learn about the history of tango, the contemporary scene, key terminology, and dance moves, and a stunning visual experience shooting a professional tango couple with the colorful and historic streets of La Boca as backdrop.

An authentic tango experience is probably one of the main reasons behind your Buenos Aires visit. While you can enjoy a heartfelt tango performance at one of the city’s several top-notch milongas, getting close to dancers let alone photographing them is an entirely different matter. This experience gets you intimate access to professional tango dancers as they perform exclusively for you, fully aware of your visual needs. The opportunity to work with these incredibly gifted dancers leveraging my extensive network and experience photographing them is sure to get you portfolio material.

This experience is for any casual, emerging or professional photographer who wants a vibrant visual experience rooted in one of the world’s most glamorous cultural heritage, the Tango dance. You will receive (should you desire) guidance on composition, exposure, and proper points of view.  You are sure to end this experience with photos you will enjoy for a long time.

  • Ahead of the actual shoot, we will spend 15-20 minutes walking through the various shoot locations, to get you a sense for possible backdrops, light and shadow, and compositions that you might want to make
  • We will then meet a professional tango couple, do introductions, and start the shoot using La Boca’s most colorful establishments, streets, and houses as backdrops
  • Dancers will offer quick tango performances around key tango moves, such as enrosque, enganche, desplazamiento, contrapaso, and also freeze-frame tango poses for you to capture
  • The couple will do one or two costume changes based on your input and can include different accessories, hairstyles etc.
  • After the shoot, we will gather for a snack — a wine, beer or coffee with meat or vegetarian empanadas — at one of Caminito’s typical restaurants where other tango dancers offer a tango show “a la gorra” (a small tip is expected). The snack and tips are included as part of your experience
  • You will have an opportunity to engage with the professional dancers to learn about tango’s history, evolution, and contemporary advancements, as these dancers have been teaching at schools, performing with international groups, and representing this lifestyle for decades.

Additional information

Meeting point
La Boca, exact location to be announced after booking

Recommended equipment
A DSLR or mirrorless camera of your choice, one normal zoom lens (24-70mm)

Activity level
Medium – a fair bit of walking is involved

Important Notes
Please be respectful to dancers at all times. You will have ample opportunity engage with them and photograph them, please be patient when they take a minute to catch a break, a few minutes for a costume change, or a few moments to discuss their next set of moves. They will be working hard to give you the best possible visual experience and will greatly appreciate you support and participation. Please also do not venture out into neighboring streets on your own without my knowledge. I will require you to be within my visual line of sight throughout the duration of this experience.