A glimpse into Dubrovnik’s Homeland War


Offered by: Craig Derrick (Award-winning British photographer chasing the “Adriatic light and sun”)

$200 per person

up to 4 people

approx. 2 hours

Travel Photography

The Homeland War in the former Yugoslavia shocked the world in 1991. Right in the heart of Europe, Croatians fought to defend their state as Serbian rebels supported by the Yugoslav National Army launched attacks on legal institutions to setup self-proclaimed Serbian autonomous regions. Dubrovnik was one of the front lines of this war as the Yugoslav army attacked with their full might and dropped thousands of shells at this UNESCO world heritage site on a daily basis. Without a real army or military technology to fight back, the locals took up arms to defend their proud city and its freedom. The siege of Dubrovnik saw a small army of local residents win over a full military attack from Serbian rebels and the Yugoslav army. This dark phase of Dubrovnik’s history recorded incredible acts of bravery from its home grown heroes. During this experience, I will take you deep into this story of the Homeland War and we will meet and talk to actual veterans of Dubrovnik who defended every inch of their land. We will cover former front lines, bunkers and defensive positions, which you’ll have the chance to record, and visit those daunting memories as we sit down for coffee with a defender and discover how ordinary citizens gave their heart and soul to protect this pearl of the Adriatic. This experience will open your eyes to a sad and dark time, but also one that deserves to be seen, praised and documented. This experience is bound to touch you with its humanity, bravery and love for one’s city. This is a two hour experience and includes a visit to the Imperial Fortress above the Old City. Throughout our time, we will visit and capture defensive positions in the hinterland and also meet actual veterans to hear their stories. This is an exclusive experience in Dubrovnik that only I, with Adriatic Images am able to offer on Loculars.

Additional information

Meeting point
Pile Gate, Dubrovnik

Recommended equipment
This is open to everyone with a camera, from a top of the range DSLR to basic point and shoot cameras, even a smart phone. The Old City of Dubrovnik is a pedestrian-only zone so be prepared for walking, take comfortable walking shoes. It also gets very warm in the middle of summer, so a sun hat, sun glasses and a bottle of water is recommended. Dubrovnik is also stunning out of season, but the weather is difficult to predict.

Activity level

Important Notes
The experience fees exclude costs for food, drinks, public transport, and other costs that may have to be made during the experience

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